So many colours. So many choices!

Facing a difficult meeting? What colour do you wear? Caught between a red
or blue tie? Which do you pick?

Colour theory covers everything from how colour changes how tall you look (wear a single colour, look taller) to how confident you feel (just go with a
colour you love). Colour also give a hint about your personality (a bit of red shows creativity) but be warned, colours have different meaning depending
on the country (white in Asia is the colour of mourning).

So how do you pick the right colours for you? Here are 10 lesser known facts to guide your choice:
 Energy a bit low? Wear softer colours.
 Want to appear more approachable? Choose soft finish fabrics. Dark, more intense colours make you seem more powerful.
 Making a presentation? Keep colours simple so you’re remembered for what you said, not the patterns and colours in your clothes.
 Looking for flair without too much flash? Add colour in your tops, sweaters,shirts, ties and accessories.
 Seeking a youthful impression? Green implies freshness and vitality
 Great shoulders, heavy hips? Adorn your good features in light colours;use dark colours to camouflage.
 Being pressured to buy orange lipstick? Go with 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural lip colour.
 Need colleagues to focus on what you’re saying? Wear lighter colours close to your face.
 Not sure if a colour suits you, ask yourself: Do I see me or the colour?
 Still unsure of what colour to pick? Go with your eye colour (although inmost instances, this will rule out red!)

Colour theory caught  your interest? Find out more how colours are dictated by your personality with this fun online quiz: