It’s hip to have silver hair. I bet you never thought you’d hear that but it’s true.

Twenty somethings like Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Michelle Williams are spending a lot of time and money lightening their hair. They don’t call it grey, they use words like silver, pewter, slate, stone, oyster, pearl, platinum and even opal.
Historically, silver hair has generated mixed reaction, particularly in the business world. Men with silver hair are considered distinguished. George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Fashion Santa are celebrated and called Silver Foxes. The minute a woman shows any signs of silver, she’s expected to colour her hair so she isn’t considered old. Well times have changed. More and more of my clients and friends are embracing their natural hair colour. They’re tired of the chemicals and constantly worrying about roots showing, not to mention the time and expense. Some have discovered they have natural silver highlights, others are completely silver. They look amazing.

Think about Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emmylou Harris and how striking they look.

And it’s not just celebrities. Take a look at these women. You’ll definitely be inspired.

It’s a big step. I know. I did it and it’s not easy. That’s where your hair stylist/colour technician can help.

I asked Maria at Hair Design by Maria  for some tips on surviving the transition:
• Get lighter highlights woven into your hair to camouflage the grow out
• Try a shorter hair style—perhaps a new modern pixie
• Schedule frequent trims to keep hair looking fresh and modern
• Consider different parting techniques to diminish the difference in colour
• Think about a new fringe proportioned to your face
• Ask your stylist about new teasing techniques to minimize roots showing

Once you’ve made the change, you may find your natural colour too light, ashy or dull. You can consider a few lowlights woven throughout your hair to add depth. This won’t be a return to colouring your hair since your natural colour will evolve and the need for lowlights will decrease over time.
Your natural colour can be eye-catching and radiant. Combined with a fabulous cut, you’ll look and feel transformed.