Dyed and fried? Go back to your natural hair colour, especially if it’s silver

It’s hip to have silver hair. I bet you never thought you’d hear that but it’s true. Twenty somethings like Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Michelle Williams are spending [...]

Want to be on trend this fall? Go Minimal

Trending this fall--white shoes At this time of year, fashion magazines are full of the new looks for fall/winter, the latest colours and “must haves” to add [...]

Comfort first for personal style

The December issue of Vogue magazine features a candid conversation with Michelle Obama as she prepares for life outside the White House. In her time as “America’s Champion and [...]

Ready for your video close-up?

It’s easy to be a photo and video star these days. We Skype with friends and family; upload cute videos of our holidays, pets and family reunions to Facebook; [...]

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