It is possible to remain authentic and still reflect the overall image of your company.

What you wear sends a powerful message. Your business image must reflect who you are but without sending a message that could interfere with your career success. The first thing we do is you and I discuss the company image and how your image fits (or struggles to fit) with that image. After setting clear goals and objectives, we fine-tune and adjust. We want to make sure that what you wear and how you come across builds self-confidence as well as projects the right message for you, and for your role in the organization.

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GROUPS (interactive workshops, seminars and lunch and learns):

Getting your employees to realize the importance of wearing appropriate clothes for your company’s image can be a tough sell.

When your employees connect with other people, they are the face of your organization, reflecting both image and credibility by how they look and how they behave. Whether it is through direct contact, a chance meeting in the hall or online, how employees interact with clients each day impacts the success of your organization. But addressing personal image is usually a difficult message to hear. An outside expert can emphasize the importance of enhanced professionalism not only for the company’s benefit but also for employees’ long-term success.



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The Difference It Makes For YOUR ORGANIZATION:

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