“I can’t wear yellow,” is something I’m hearing a lot these days.

Yellow may be one of this season’s hottest colours but it seems to scare a lot of people. I’m not sure why. Yellow is a happy, warm, cheerful and outgoing colour.

Isn’t that the perfect antidote to winter?

Yellow comes in shades from the softest pale lemon to a bright primrose yellow. So yes, there’s a yellow for everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in yellow from head to toe. That’s for Big Bird.

Think about adding touches of yellow.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Look for a tie, shirt, shoes, socks or pocket square that includes a bit of yellow, perhaps stripes or a pattern.
  2. Add a yellow T shirt, golf shirt or casual shirt/top, bomber jacket to your weekend wear.
  3. Wear sunshine on your feet—yellow shoes, sandals or nail polish. Perfect for a night out or a wedding.
  4. Shorts, pants, skirt or dress. A dress or skirt with yellow flowers would give you bragging rights—two trends in one. Pale yellow can be as revealing as white so have someone you trust check you from all angles before you walk out the door. Better to change than reveal more of yourself than you plan.
  5. Accessories—a yellow wristlet, cotton or linen scarf, earrings, choker or bracelet are easy and inexpensive ways to update any outfit.
  6. Yellow is big in home décor. Update inside and out with cushions, dishes, glasses, napkins for entertaining. Consider yellow pots for the front porch or patio to welcome guests.
  7. Buy flowers. A vase of tulips, daffodils, daisies with yellow centres in your home or office can brighten even the gloomiest day (or mood).
  8. Don’t forget the little ones—two and four legged. They’re probably quite open to wearing yellow and are a great accessory.

One word of caution about yellow, especially bright yellow. Don’t wear it with black. You’ll remind everyone of either a caution sign or a bee and they’ll keep their distance.

Still not convinced? Contact me to find out what shade of yellow suits you best.